TECNO Setting a New Example on How Brands can Extend their Support in this Tough Hour of Need

TECNO Setting a New Example on How Brands can Extend their Support in this Tough Hour of Need

The ongoing turmoil occurring on the planet has caused a feeling of worry for the whole world and has everyone thinking in terms of what can be done to curb the issue at hand.

In this time of pandemic crisis, the world has come together in the battle against COVID-19. Organizations are contributing to the cause by helping those in need. Unfortunately, COVID-19 outbreak has dramatically affected work in general, thus causing recession, unemployment and scarcity of resources.

In this time of distress, the brands have come to fill in the gap and are providing safety equipment to medical workers, healthcare respondents, free meals and groceries supply to those who are sick or in need.

Similarly, mobile brand TECNO came out immediately in support by providing items such as masks, hand sanitizers, protective gowns, wipes, mouthwash and other safety hygiene products to the government. Furthermore, the company aims to keep on carrying out its CSR and donating health care products all over the Pakistan.

Since the beginning, TECNO responded swiftly first by terminating all their public gatherings. Case in point, during the launch of their Camon15, they opted to go online thus maintaining social distancing rules.

Furthermore, understanding the financial constraints and prioritizing safety rules for their audience, TECNO extended their Camon 15 phone warranty for two more months and encouraged their customers to stay at home and apply online.

Much like other brands during this hardship, TECNO also took the social responsibility of creating awareness about the notorious disease. To that end, the company plans to launch a TikTok campaign educating everyone about the safety precautions to fight this battle.

Numerous positive traits have been observed about brands in this period of sadness such as the fact that they are also supporting their employees by cutting down their profit and giving support to their workforce. Not only this, the companies these days are breaking stereotypes by working from home.

Similarly, just after the announcement of global Pandemic TECNO immediately started work from home for all of its employees hence supporting their safety first.

This season of misery has demonstrated that brands are not just a fashion statement. Instead they are more about what you believe in. Thus, brands like TECNO are continuously working on their CSR right now and are trying to contribute to society as much as they can.