Supply Chains of Essential Items Will Not be Disrupted: Asad Umar

Minister for Planning Development & Special Initiatives Asad Umar chaired a video conference to review the situation and consider proposals relating to the management of supply chains of essential commodities, during the partial or complete shutdown in various parts of the country.

The meeting discussed proposals for ensuring the continued operation of various industries, especially those included in the food and medicine supply chains, during the Covid-19 emergency. Matters related to the continued supply of electric power and petroleum products were also discussed.

It was decided that detailed safety guidelines for the workers will be outlined for those industries, which are required to be kept operational to ensure the supply of essential commodities. The guidelines will be implemented in collaboration with industry associations.

The meeting directed the Ministry of Industries to closely monitor any issues faced by the industries identified for continued operation and address them in a proactive manner. The Ministry of Commerce was directed to make assessments for import requirements of such industries and remove the bottlenecks if any.

It was decided that the proposals finalized at the meeting will be shared with the provinces for their input before submission to the National Coordination Committee for final approval.