Sindh Govt Abolishes 20 Percent Reduction in School Fee

The Sindh government has abolished the 20 percent concession in school fee announced due to the COVID-19 restrictions in April.

The relief was provided to parents via Sindh Emergency Relief Act. However, the clause was removed from the Act on Saturday, and the notification in this regard was also withdrawn.


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A new notification was issued, which said that the decision was taken during the provincial cabinet’s meeting and will come into effect from the 1st of October.

Following the development, all private schools will be entitled to charge full tuition fee.

The concession to families affected during the coronavirus lockdown was announced on April 7, following much hue and cry from the private school owners.


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The fee reduction was initially announced for three months but was later increased for another three months following the deteriorated economic situation and school closure.

Several schools were taken action against for violating the government and the court’s orders during the period.

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