Samsung is Working on the Next Generation of Displays for Phones

Over the past few years, Samsung has become one of the most dominant manufacturers of displays and as per recent reports, the Korean tech giant is already working on a new form of display for its upcoming smartphones.

The Company first released its AMOLED displays in 2008 and since then, the technology has taken over the smartphone world.

AMOLED display technology was later developed into Super AMOLED and Dynamic AMOLED. The latter was used in the last two S-series flagship smartphones, i.e., Galaxy S10 series and Galaxy S20 series.

Now, it seems like we are going to get the next iteration of AMOLEDs or possibly something new altogether for the next generation of smartphones.

Earlier this month, Samsung filed a trademark application titled “Samsung PIFF” with the US Patent and Trademark Office. We also saw the trademark on the World Intellectual Property Organization’s database under the CAT-9.

In both the databases, the trademark is defined as “Display for smartphones.”

However, the filing was done by Samsung Electronics and not Samsung Display, which endorses the news in the report that a new breed of display might be seen on future Samsung smartphones.

It’s probable that the display technology will be exclusive to Samsung phones for a few months but it will reach other OEMs in the market eventually.