Nevita International Visits Ilaan to Discuss Potential Partnership

Nevita International Visits Ilaan to Discuss Potential Partnership

Turkish Real Estate Firm, Nevita International made a special visit to during their ongoing tour to Pakistan to expand their business relations with Pakistani companies.

The real estate pioneer visited’s Lahore and Karachi offices to discuss possible strategic partnerships, particularly in the real estate domain where will help Nevita International to penetrate in the market using the vast network of dealers.

The officials from Nevita International including Chairman Farul Akbal met the Chairman Mian Ilyas, Chief Executive Officer Mian Omer, and co-founder Mian Ali in Lahore and Karachi where different probable business ventures were discussed.

Chairman, Mian Ilyas while addressing the delegation said,

We are looking forward to expand our services worldwide and help Nevita International enter Pakistan.

Attended by the core team members of, the meetings were very fruitful where will help Nevita International in launch different projects in Pakistan and Nevita International will also share the office space. Similarly, Nevita International will help enter Turkey and will be sharing their office space.

This visit was not just restricted for business purposes; team also took Nevita International’s officials around Lahore and Karachi to make their tour a memorable one. They were overjoyed to see the beauty of Walled City Lahore in its full glory.

Nevita is a Turkey-based real estate investment company that owns, develops, and manages qualified real estate investments. It is a wide-ranging company of Fuzul Group, which has a vast experience exceeding 27 years in this field in the domestic market.

For several years, the company has determined to expand into new markets, both domestically and internationally. Now, Nevita has achieved a track record of success within the international market, living up to high standards in this field.