Kuwait Just Changed the Words of Azaan Because of Coronavirus

Amid the increasing threat of Covid-19, Kuwait has made some tweaks in Azaan asking people to perform prayers at home. The measure was part of precautionary actions to keep its citizens safe from the viral infection.

Muezzins there have replaced ‘hayya alas-salah’ with ‘Al-salatu fi Buyutikum,’ urging people to offer prayers at homes. When asked, the country’s health spokesperson, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, said that the step has helped them prevent local transmission.

In the past 24 hours, the country reported 12 more cases of the novel coronavirus, taking the total tally to 112. He said that the majority of patients had an international travel history. The rest of the infected came into contact with those who had a travel history.


Peshawar Will No Longer Issue Driving Licenses

Gatherings for Friday prayers were canceled across the Middle East amid fear of coronavirus. Countries, including Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine, called for the cancellation of Friday gatherings as per global health standards.

Iran, one of the worst-hit Muslim countries, closed significant religious sites, and discouraged large public gatherings for prayers or spiritual teachings.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, there is a medical emergency with all public places, including educational institutes, madrassahs, cinemas, picnic points, wedding banquets, religious sites, and markets being closed.

While the Sindh government has actively reacted to the renewed threat, the government of Punjab has imposed section 144 across the province, prohibiting the assembly of four or more people in an area.

Sources inside the Ministry of Religious Affairs confirmed that the authorities are in talks with the religious leaders to confine prayers, especially the Friday gatherings, to home for affected areas. A final decision is expected in the next couple of days.