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Hania Amir Shares A Cryptic Message On Instagram

by faree

The popular drama actor Hania Amir is very active on her Instagram. There, she kept in regular contact with fans and released the latest news about life. Recently, however, Hania shared a very vivid photo, which contained extremely mysterious information. Hania Amir Shares A Cryptic Message On Instagram,We still can’t fully understand what she means, but some people claim that she is actually implying her ex-boyfriend Asim Azhar. They both fell apart after being together for a long time.

Hania Amir Shares A Cryptic Message On Instagram

The superstar posted a long, sincere warning on social media that he is not dissatisfied with sticking to the past.

The Titli actress shared a truly lovely photo and wrote: “Let go may be as sad as we see, or we can not learn these patterns and treat them as the most free. Perspective is everything.”


“Don’t be upset about the past. Take a step forward, enjoy the next moment, let go of the heavy burden; let go of memories, let go of those who make you feel like you were before. Not good enough, she said, “let go of those People who make you question yourself and breathe freely. This is your life. open. Choose yourself. ”

Is she going through a bad stage?

These days, Ishqiya actresses seem to have a hard time. A few days ago, she released an update of her life, telling her fans that she was struggling.

Although we don’t know what happened to this firework, we hope and pray that she will become happy soon.

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