Facebook is Giving $1000 to Employees to Support Them Amidst the Epidemic

Facebook announced a work from home policy for all of its employees a few days ago and now they’re also planning to give out a $1000 bonus to every worker to help them amidst the epidemic.

The decision was reportedly announced by founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg through an internal memo on Tuesday. Facebook later explained the details saying that all of the bonuses will be distributed throughout April.

The social media giant has around 45,000 full-time employees across the globe and each of them will also receive an “exceeds” rating based on their first six-month review for 2020. This will lead to bigger bonuses for employees that will further help them during the outbreak.

Some of the full-time workers at Facebook have also taken over the work from contractors so they can stay at home. Facebook is also paying these contractors while they stay at home.

Additionally, the company is also offering $100m to smaller businesses to help them cope with the economic impact of the pandemic. This includes 30,000 eligible firms across 30 countries where Facebook operates. This grant will be given in the form of cash grants and ad credits to help them during this challenging time.