Balochistan’s Coronavirus Tally Can Cross 300,000 by July

Coronavirus cases are increasing by the day in Pakistan and the numbers may reach an alarming level in Balochistan if the restrictions are not followed.

Balochistan’s Director General of Health Department, Dr. Saleem Abro, has warned that COVID-19 tally in the province may cross 300,000 in July. In a news conference, he said that the numbers can reach 9.5 million by December if the masses don’t cooperate with the government.

Another alarming fact is that the number of locally transmitted cases in the province is increasing and the situation can get out of control if safety precautions are not followed. The Health Department had performed random testing in the province to find out that local transmission was on the rise.


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Currently, around 700-800 tests are being performed in the province on a daily basis, a number which is significantly low.

He urged the public to take the novel coronavirus seriously, adding that senior doctors are also being affected by the deadly disease. Lockdown has been extended by 15 days to 19th May in Balochistan in order to contain the virus.


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Balochistan government spokesperson, Liaquat Shahwani, in a Twitter post, also urged the citizens to practice social distancing and stay indoors.

Balochistan Chief Minister, Jam Kamal, had earlier said that the lockdown will only be eased if the public adheres to health advisories, adding that a lot is needed to be done to stem the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases.

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