AirSial To Acquire Three Airbus A320 Aircraft in April-May

AirSial has confirmed that it will induct one A320 aircraft in April and two in May at a cost of $90 million which will enable the airline to kick off its commercial operations this year.

According to the official source, the new airline will acquire these aircraft on the arrangement of dry lease from airlines based in New Zealand and South Africa for a period of two years.

The expense of acquiring one aircraft is nearly $29 to $30 million, Abrar Gulzar Hussain, Manager Operation Control said. One aircraft will be arriving on April 12 and the other two on May 1 and 2, he added.

AirSial has been granted final approval from the office of Prime Minister in January to operate commercial flights from Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

The flights will be operated on a weekly basis from the designated stations and the frequency will be enhanced as per demand on a particular route.

The carrier has set a plan to commence its commercial operations from May. It has set up its base in Karachi along with hiring the core staff to operate the airline.

AirSial is owned by the business community of Sialkot, which also built its separate airport in Sialkot mainly to facilitate trade and tourism within the city and with different countries. The carrier has 200 owners and board members.

After the closure of Shaheen Air, there is a gap in the local market which is expected to be filled by new airlines such as AirSial in the coming months. The airline will facilitate the growing trend of local tourism within the country.

It is expected in the aviation industry that the addition of the new carrier will not only improve the competition between the local airlines but passengers will get quality services and affordable fares including discounts for frequent flyers.