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Samsung’s New App Helps Make Hand Washing a Habit

by faree

In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, Samsung has launched an app that will remind the wearers to wash their hands.

The app is designed for a range of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch smartwatches and it will remind people to wash their hands after regular intervals. To be specific, the app will be available for Gear S3, Gear Sports, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, and Galaxy Watch Active 2 on the Galaxy Store.

Samsung has taken into account a study from the University College London which claims that washing hands 6 to 10 times a day is optimum plus additional hand washes after toilet visits and before eating. The app will remind users to wash up through alarms that will ring every 2 hours. These intervals can be modified within the app’s settings.

Make Handwashing a Habit With Samsung's 'Hand Wash' App for Galaxy ...

Once the wearer is at the sink, swiping upwards on the watch will start a 25-second timer including 5 seconds for applying soap and 20 seconds for scrubbing. Since the Galaxy Watch lineup is waterproof, people will not need to worry about getting the watch wet.

The app will also have a Hand Wash Trend tracking function that will record your handwashing stats with logs of each day’s occurrences and weekly averages.

Samsung commented on the release of its app saying:

While awareness has increased the importance of washing one’s hands frequently and thoroughly, opinions can differ on what ‘frequently and thoroughly’ actually means in practice. This is why Samsung has developed an app to provide a clear guide on how, and how regularly, users should be washing their hands.

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