Huawei Nova 7i – The Hottest Selling Secret Weapon of Mobile Gamers

Huawei Nova 7i – The Hottest Selling Secret Weapon of Mobile Gamers

Have you wondered how some intensive games still lag or stutter on your phone, when you had specially chosen a model because of its great specs of CPU, GPU, and memory? If so, then you need a smartphone that not only packs powerful hardware but seamlessly collaborates with software for an intensive gaming experience.

That’s exactly what the Huawei Nova 7i offers and this is why it has become the nationwide best-selling phone in its price segment.

The proprietary Kirin 810 chipset utilizes the state-of-the-art 7nm chip process to enable enhanced power efficiency and reduced heat generation, in comparison with 10nm and 11nm chips in the same price range.

The built-in Mali-G52 GPU has been customized for robust graphics rendering, able to cope with PUBG Mobile sessions of 30 minutes or longer, with steady frame rates, completely free of lag and dropped frames. 8GB RAM boasts solid performance in the speedy transmission of heavy-load gaming data, which works hand in hand with powerful CPU and GPU to tap into the full potential of the phone’s hardware, creating ideal settings for fluid gaming.

Huawei’s copyrighted GPU Turbo technology, particularly designed for accelerating graphics performance on Android devices, is available on the Nova 7i model.

Have you lost a game because you were interrupted by pesky app notifications and pop-up messages, or just by receiving an important call? The Huawei Nova 7i offers an acceptable solution for serious gamers: Game Dock.

You just need to swipe in from the upper left side of the screen to access Game Dock, and then you can enjoy fast and easy screenshots, screen recording and network acceleration, or reply to messages in a floating window, all the while enjoying fluid graphics!

But what good is all that without a dependable battery? Nova 7i’s 4,200 mAh battery gives you peace of mind over the long haul and features 40W SuperCharge technology that fills it up from zero to 70% within 30 minutes, in the rare case that the phone is running out of juice.

Last but not least, the Huawei Nova 7i runs an in-house AppGallery and supports app downloads from third-party app stores, which means it can seamlessly manage almost all of the most frequently used apps for the international market.

So if you’re excited to try advanced tech that could make mobile gaming tremendously better, we suggest checking out the nationwide bestseller for a price of PKR 43,999/-.

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