Two Kids Die After Eating Instant Noodles in Lahore

Two Kids Die After Eating Instant Noodles in Lahore

Tragedy struck the Manawan area on Wednesday as two young siblings, Maryam and Rafay, died shortly after consuming instant noodles. The incident has raised serious concerns about food safety and the potential presence of toxic substances in consumables.

According to a police official, the children’s mother had purchased two packs of instant noodles from a shop in Baghbanpura bazaar. Upon returning home, she prepared the noodles for her children. However, immediately after eating the meal, both Maryam and Rafay’s health deteriorated rapidly.

The children were rushed to a local hospital, but despite efforts by medical staff, they were pronounced dead on arrival. Preliminary investigations suggest that the noodles may have been adulterated or poisonous, leading to the fatal outcome.

In response to the incident, a police team has been dispatched to the Baghbanpura bazaar to investigate the shop where the noodles were purchased. Authorities aim to identify and seize the product batch to prevent further harm. “It appears that the food item purchased from the market was adulterated or poisonous, which led to the death of the kids,” the police official stated.

When questioned about the potential widespread risk, the police official mentioned that other citizens have reported no other complaints regarding adverse reactions to noodles from the same company in the city. This suggests that the incident might be isolated, but authorities are not ruling out any possibilities until a thorough investigation is completed.

Despite the severity of the incident, the grieving parents have expressed reluctance to lodge a formal complaint. The reasons behind their hesitation remain unclear, but the police continue to offer support and are proceeding with the investigation to ensure public safety.

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