Thieves Steal Entire Mobile Tower in Larkana

Thieves Steal Entire Mobile Tower in Larkana

In an audacious heist, thieves have stolen an entire mobile phone tower from Bhoonbhutpur village in Naudero, a suburban area of Larkana. The tower, owned by a private mobile company, was dismantled and taken away piece by piece in an unprecedented crime that has left local authorities and residents in shock.

According to the report, the theft was meticulously executed. The thieves used cutters to dismantle the mobile tower from top to bottom, ensuring they left no part behind. In addition to the tower, they also stole the iron main gate and other associated installations.

The private mobile company had assigned two security guards to protect the tower and its installations in the village. However, in a surprising twist, a case of theft has been registered at the Naudero Police Station against these very guards. The complaint was filed by the company’s General Manager, Sajid Iqbal.

In his complaint, Iqbal detailed how the company first became aware of the theft. “We received multiple complaints from customers about mobile signals not working,” he said. “When our staff went to inspect the tower site to address the technical issues, they were stunned to find that the entire tower, along with other installations, had been stolen.”

The police have launched an investigation into the incident. Given the scale and sophistication of the theft, authorities are considering the possibility that the thieves had inside information and were well-organized.

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