Telenor Pakistan – A Celebration of Being #MOREseZyadaPakistani

Telenor Pakistan’s purpose goes beyond connectivity to creating a positive impact that enables societies and brings people closer. For the past 16 years, Telenor has been empowering societies across the country and connecting people to what matters most to them.

Today the organization continues to strive to bring its customers an experience that enables them to be MORE, do MORE and achieve MORE.

Pakistan’s flag bears two colors signifying Muslims and minorities. The flag is knit together with the fiber of co-existence and mutual respect that, when echoed in the society, signifies the Pakistan that Jinnah envisioned.

Telenor Pakistan believes in nurturing an inclusive society that thrives on diversity and this is reflected in its latest Independence Day campaign. We see the truest form of being Pakistani reflected vividly in this campaign which carries an important message in the garb of a heartwarming story.

It is an invitation to the culturally rich, historically significant, and extraordinarily diverse city of Lahore. The story is about a Sikh family, told through the bond of a father and son. The young Sikh boy is preparing for a fancy dress show at his school and convinces his father to buy him a sherwani.

With his best friend by his side, the kid chooses to be Quaid-e-Azam out of sheer love for Pakistan. He delivers the iconic statement by Jinnah about freedom of religion and plurality in Pakistan. The film ends with a strong reaffirmation of the ideals that our beautiful country was built on: togetherness and harmony.

This narrative represents the existence of plurality in our society – how a mosque and a gurdwara share the same locality and how people from different backgrounds, religions, and races co-exist peacefully.

Telenor Pakistan triumphs in highlighting the shared cultural roots of the nation’s diverse communities that represent the white in the flag and a reminder of how minorities complete Pakistan. It is the diversity that makes us stronger as a community and similarities that bring us together as one nation.

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