Students from Lahore Develop Cheap Electric Car

Students from Riphah University, Lahore have built a cheap Electric Vehicle (EV), with the potential to be launched on an industrial scale.

Ammad, Mansoob, and Zameer from the university’s Department of Electrical Engineering manufactured the EV for their final year project, and claim that it can travel up to 55 km on a single charge and can reach a top speed of 70 kmph.

They explained that the powertrain includes 48Wh dry cell batteries and a 2 kW motor and that the EV can be charged at any EV charging station. The EV includes temperature sensors in the batteries and the motor. It has proximity sensors installed to inform the driver of obstacles on all four sides, as well as a buzzer to warn of possible collisions.

While commenting on the efficiency of their EV, Ammad, Mansoob, and Zameer remarked that it can be increased by installing better batteries and motors, for which they have requested the support of the Government of Pakistan.

The assembly and programming were done by the students themselves, who revealed that the designing and assembling has cost them Rs. 200,000. They added that “the operating cost of the vehicle comes out at around 0.7 Rs./km,” and an industrial variant for everyday use would cost nearly Rs. 500,000.


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The developers said that “the aim [of the project] was to address global warming and to promote green energy”. This and the rising demand for EVs had motivated them to manufacture an affordable EV.

They also said that “for the future, the focus is on affordability,” and added that they will “manufacture conversion kits for Fossil Fuel Vehicles (FFVs) to replace combustion engines with batteries and motors”.


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Ammad, Mansoob, and Zameer thanked their teachers for their support, and the university’s Head of Department, Dr. Touseef, and the students’ Project Supervisor, Tehseen Ellahi, lauded their efforts. They also revealed that the project has potential for industrial deployment if more work is done on it.

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