Snapchat Can Now Turn Your Words Into New Lens

Snapchat Can Now Turn Your Words Into New Lens

In a sneak peek, Snapchat unveiled its latest creation: an on-device AI model that uses augmented reality (AR) to completely change your surroundings.

This generative AI tool/AR will allow Snapchat users to design custom lenses based on simple text prompts. Imagine sending a snap to your friends where you’re suddenly dressed like a character from a 50s sci-fi movie. Take a look at the GIF below which shows Snapchat applying prompts in real-time.

According to TechCrunch, users will start seeing these exciting new lenses appear on Snapchat in the coming months. Even better, creators can get their hands on this technology and begin crafting AR experiences by the end of the year.

Alongside the on-device AI model, Snapchat provides creators with even more tools. A fresh update to Lens Studio, the platform for building AR experiences, brings AI-powered features to simplify the creation process. For face effects alone, creators can now write a simple description or even upload an image, and the AI will whip up a custom lens that completely transforms a user’s face.

But that’s not all. This update unlocks other AI tools: generating 3D objects based on a prompt, creating unique textures and face masks, and crafting 3D character heads that mirror your expressions.

Snapchat has been on an AI roll lately. Over the past year, they’ve introduced several features powered by artificial intelligence. One feature lets subscribers send their friends custom snaps created by AI, and they even launched a chatbot for everyone to chat with, powered by the popular AI program ChatGPT created by OpenAI.

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