Sindh to Spend Over Rs 500 Million for New Flats in Governor’s House

Sindh to Spend Over Rs 500 Million for New Flats in Governor’s House

The Sindh government has earmarked Rs573 million in the latest budget for the construction of 48 new flats within the Governor’s House premises. These flats will be distributed across four different blocks and are designated for the employees of the Military Secretary Wing and the Governor Secretariat.

The decision to build new flats stems from the necessity for the Governor House staff to be on 24-hour alert. Employees who live far away from the Governor’s House often face difficulties when they are suddenly called in for duty. The current staff accommodations, built in the 19th century during the British colonial era, have become severely dilapidated. The state of these buildings has rendered renovation impractical and costly, necessitating the construction of new facilities.

According to the budget documents, the construction of these new flats is crucial for ensuring that the Governor House staff can respond quickly and efficiently to any urgent requirements. The project aims to provide modern and adequate housing for the employees, thereby addressing the long-standing issues they face due to the poor condition of the existing flats.

The construction project is expected to be completed by June 2025. The new flats will be built in four different blocks, designed to offer comfortable and secure living conditions. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to enhance the operational efficiency of the Governor’s House by ensuring that its staff is well-housed and readily available for duty.

In addition to the Rs573 million allocated for the new flats, the Sindh government has also set aside Rs101 million for other expenses related to the Governor House. These funds will cover various operational and maintenance costs, ensuring that the Governor House remains a functional and well-maintained facility.

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