Sindh Launches Free Breakfast Initiative for Students

Sindh Launches Free Breakfast Initiative for Students

Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori announced a new initiative on Wednesday to provide free breakfast to schoolchildren across the province, ARY News reported.

Speaking at a ceremony in Karachi, the Governor introduced the “Governor’s Initiative for Free Breakfast for Students,” aimed at providing free breakfast to children in government schools.

Tessori cited a survey indicating that many children in Sindh miss breakfast due to poverty and inflation, with some having gone without milk for two years and others without eggs for six months.

He noted that similar to the 50,000 children enrolled in the Governor’s House’s IT program, no schoolchild will now attend school without breakfast. The initiative will start in 100 government schools and expand in phases.

The Governor emphasized that the program will extend beyond Karachi to other parts of Sindh. A website will be launched for schools to register for the program.

Tessori expressed gratitude to MQM-P Chairman Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and philanthropist Bashir Farooqui, Chairman of Saylani Welfare Trust, for their support. He mentioned that the Governor’s House continually introduces new initiatives, including IT and security service classes.

Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui highlighted the urgent need for educational improvement, noting that 25 to 30 million children in Pakistan are deprived of education. He pointed out that 60 percent of Pakistan’s population is youth or children, with 55 million enrolled in schools. He expressed hope that including the 30 million out-of-school children would significantly enhance the educational landscape.

Siddiqui thanked Governor Tessori for supporting the federal government’s educational emergency initiative in Sindh, stating that providing breakfast to underprivileged children would alleviate their burden, reduce poverty, and boost school attendance.

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