Saudi Diplomat Detained at Islamabad Airport With Over $5,000 Cash

Saudi Diplomat Detained at Islamabad Airport With Over $5,000 Cash

A Saudi diplomat was barred from boarding his flight at Islamabad International Airport due to having foreign currency above $5,000.

Sources close to Customs Collectorate Islamabad told ProPakistani that this incident happened on May 29. 2024, when a Saudi diplomat while traveling to Riyadh via Saudi flight No. SV-725 presented a letter from the Embassy stating that he was carrying SAR 958,125/- as he had sold his personal vehicle.

The Embassy vide above mentioned letter issued by the Director Protocol and Public Relations had requested for relaxation in this regard and had also clarified that this letter was issued at the request of the diplomat and the embassy had no title of any responsibility in this regard.

The Attaché and Protocol Officer of the Embassy who was accompanying him were respectfully informed that as per State Bank Regulations, he can only carry foreign currency equivalent to US$ 5,000.

He was requested to return the excess currency to the Embassy staff as he could not be allowed to carry such an amount, which was in violation of central bank regulations.

The Attaché, however, refused to return the currency as he was adamant that the amount he had received was from the sale of his personal car, which he intended to take it with him.

Despite repeated requests to the PRO of the Embassy and the Attaché, he did not return the currency to the Embassy staff and, therefore, was not allowed boarding by the airline.

Sources said that Customs Collectorate Islamabad also shared the incident report with the member customs operations FBR for information.

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