PSO Delivers the Message of True Diversity and Inclusion with ‘The Sounds of Freedom’

Resonating with the spirit of freedom, PSO, the nation’s most progressive energy company, has released an advertisement that beats with the rhythm of every Pakistani’s heart.

The unconventional advertisement by PSO showcases the individuality and versatility of our country which instils the spirit of freedom and independence in our people.

This Independence Day campaign ‘The Sounds of Freedom’ by PSO is right in time to celebrate the patriotic spirit of a diverse nation. What sets this advertisement apart from the rest is the message of acceptance that it displays.

Being the flagship Oil Marketing Company of the nation, PSO has always remained bold, authentic, innovative, and motivational when it comes to spreading the message of positivity.

The Sounds of Freedom advocates against labeling individuals as it includes people from all areas and ages of life, such as the specially-abled, transgenders, laborers, farmers, truck drivers, and even minorities, and showcases them as they all sing and hum to the delightful tone of our beloved national anthem.

Sung in a manner that enhances and oozes a message of diversity and uniqueness in every person, The Sounds of Freedom is a distinctive take on the national anthem.

Since PSO is a national icon that always takes pride in celebrating the patriotic spirit of our country and its commitment to driving change in Pakistan, every individual in the colorful ad is seen either riding or driving a vehicle.

The Sounds of Freedom not only sets a delightful tone to the national anthem of Pakistan, but also sends a strong message. It shows that every voice you hear has a story of its own, one that of hope, freedom, and originality.

PSO is a forward-looking energy company that takes constant initiative to promote diversity and inclusivity. Aligning with this goal, this ad expresses the true freedom that is felt within the hearts of every Pakistani; a diverse nation that moves forward in the spirit of one.

It represents that no matter how different we are, we all have one thing in common which is that we are referred to as “Pakistani” – belonging to a nation where all of us are free to celebrate Independence Day and show love for our country in our distinct way.

With a strong campaign like The Sounds of Freedom, PSO aims to imprint the message of acceptance and freedom in the hearts of the nation.

PSO has always been at the forefront to keep the wheels of the nation in motion. It continues to awe-inspire people with its patriotic spirit by showcasing its commitment to fuel the journey of the nation, loud and proud.

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