Police to Seize Smoke-Emitting Vehicles

Police to Seize Smoke-Emitting Vehicles

The Lahore High Court (LHC) directed the police on Friday to seize vehicles emitting smoke across Lahore in an effort to combat the threat of smog, as reported by ARY News.

The decision was made during a session of the LHC bench, which was addressing petitions seeking the court’s intervention to tackle smog. Justice Shahid Karim presided over the hearing on the petition filed by citizen Haroon Farooq and others.

The LHC instructed the traffic police to initiate a crackdown on vehicles emitting smoke to mitigate environmental pollution issues. Additionally, the Motorway police were mandated to take action against crop residue burning. The court cautioned the IG of the Motorway police about potential contempt of court proceedings in case of non-compliance.

During today’s proceedings, the PDMA presented a report on heatstroke, noting the launch of an awareness campaign. Furthermore, 20 water bowsers have been deployed to Cholistan to address water shortages during the hot weather.

The hearing on the petitions has been adjourned until next Friday.

Causes of Smog in Lahore:

Major contributors to the dense smog affecting Lahore include emissions from vehicles, factories, and the burning of crop residues. These factors significantly impact air quality during the initial days of winter, leading to respiratory and health problems. Punjab has been particularly affected by such weather conditions in recent years.

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