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Pakistan Clean Air Initiative – CAIR to Save the Air

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Pakistan Clean Air Initiative aims to fight the medical emergency of bad air quality in Pakistan. Its primary co-founders, Farhaan Riaz, Waseem Arshad, and Farhaan Mobein joined hands once they educated themselves on the problem.

Mr. Farhaan Mobein started his research back in 2016 upon his return from Canada. He discovered the root of the problem to be a lack of awareness, zero implementation of face masks, and non-existent air purification equipment. The initiative set forth to tackle this problem on all fronts.

  1. Treatment as an immediate medical emergency
  2. Lack of Data and Availability
  3. Inadequate government policies and information
  4. A viable plan for the future
CAIR’s Mission – #WECAIR

CAIR’s mission is to raise awareness and impart knowledge to Pakistanis in order to combat air pollution. Thus, it’s providing a pivotal platform to tackle SMOG as an immediate medical emergency and devise a feasible agenda to eliminate Pakistan’s hazardous air pollution pandemic.

Solutions #WITHCAIR
  • CAIR To Aware

CAIR’s initial awareness was spread through a Facebook page, however, the initiative progressed into an application and a website using air visual data which are a vivid guide on the harmful effects of air pollution and provide CAIR Quality Index for major cities.

  • CAIR To Equip

Reading the lack of availability and extravagant pricing of sensing equipment for Air Pollution in the market, CAIR developed a cheap and affordable model with the latest sensor technologies to supplicate market demand.

In order to fulfill the needs of air purification, CAIR started working on air purifiers when there were zero manufacturers in Pakistan. It aims to convert the air purifier from luxury to a necessity. Affordable by a common man, these devices are 25% cheaper and a product made to save our children and future generations. They deliver the same performance and features as any international brand and are equally efficient.

  • CAIR To Wake Up Governments

The Pakistan Government’s response to CAIR’s concerns hasn’t been encouraging. Therefore, in order to initiate action by the government, CAIR is developing a sensor that can be placed in different districts of Lahore and is three times cheaper than IQ AIR.

CAIR estimates that 50 sensors each, strategically placed in major affected cities like Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujrat, Peshawar, and Multan will start providing real-time PM2.5 values uploaded on its website and application through its database.

The selected sensor is a considerably cheaper solution and is backed up by a lot of research. CAIR will be hosting a seminar with the government where it will challenge the state to scrutinize its measures in hopes of the government realizing the medical emergency and the adverse effects of inactivity.

  • CAIR To Plan & Eradicate

In today’s day and age, the action plan for the long-term eradication of air pollution is readily available. We are swimming in a sea of information where proven examples of countries with methodologies and solutions are available.

CAIR has devised a strategic, step-by-step process for a better, brighter future with a conviction that we need to dedicate our time, resources, and efforts in order to eliminate this threat. Preserving nature is not only a moral but spiritual duty as well.

Now, PUAN and the US Mission to Pakistan have funded the project to spread awareness in the masses.

Constructive and cooperative collaboration for a cleaner, greener, healthier Pakistan is essential.

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