New Digital Travel Pass Announced for Airlines

New Digital Travel Pass Announced for Airlines

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has announced that its “Digital Travel Pass” will be available in the Middle East in a few weeks.

The announcement by the association came at a time when Europe and the United States have eased travel restrictions.

Countries around the world are working to promote digital certifications to improve international tourism. Global traveling will provide the much-needed breather to the aviation industry that has been paralyzed for more than a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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Though the travel pass of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a big hit among Gulf airlines, not a single certificate of vaccination has been recognized globally.

“We’ve received a lot of positive feedback on IATA’s Travel Pass,” IATA Director General, Willie Walsh, said in a briefing Thursday. It will be used by several airlines in the Gulf region over the next few weeks.

The major Gulf airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways, will be the first airlines to start using the application in January, followed by other airlines, including Singapore Airlines.


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IATA has a mobile application that will provide travelers with a digital passport to provide proof of their testing and vaccination. Vaccination history can also be shared with airlines and immigration staff.

Last month, the European Union welcomed the introduction of the coronavirus-related pass, hoping it would boost summer tourism.

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