NCOC Announces Its New Vaccination Strategy

NCOC Announces Its New Vaccination Strategy

A meeting of the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) was held earlier today which reviewed the COVID-19 vaccination process and implementation of SOPs across Pakistan.

During NCOC’s meeting, Federal Planning Minister, Asad Umar, who also heads the NCOC, said that strict lockdown restrictions enforced by the government have helped in containing the COVID-19.


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Here are the decisions which NCOC took regarding the countrywide COVID-19 vaccination campaign:

The national mass vaccination campaign will be operated under a three-pronged strategy: voluntary, obligatory, and incentivized.


It will include voluntary vaccination by all citizens.


It will include vaccination of all public and private sector employees. In this regard, all public sector employees will have to be vaccinated by 30 June 2021.


The government is considering introducing certain incentives for various sectors to encourage vaccination.

Furthermore, all COVID-19 vaccination centers in the country will remain open from 8 am to 10 pm from Monday to Saturday from 11 June onwards.

Walk-in vaccination facility for citizens aged 18 years or above will start from 11 June as well. An IT-based solution for the verification of COVID-19 vaccination certificates shall be completed by June 2021.


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Here are the decisions which NCOC took regarding COVID-19 SOPs across the country. These decisions will come into effect from 15 June.

The restriction on businesses to remain shut two days a week will be relaxed to 1 day. All federating units have been authorized to select the day for the closure of business activities.

Indoor gyms will reopen. However, only vaccinated members will be allowed to work out in indoor gyms.

Selective non-contact sports will be permitted while the ban on contact sports including karate, boxing, MMA, rugby, kabbadi, wrestling, waterpolo) and festivals, cultural and other events will remain imposed. Shrines and cinemas will also remain closed.

The existing 50% work from home policy will be relaxed to 100% office attendance.

The two-day weekly ban on inter-provincial transport will be lifted. However, public transport will operate with 70% capacity instead of 50% occupancy.

Current restrictions regarding the recreation and education sectors, mask-wearing, railways, and inbound passengers will remain in place till further orders.

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