Huawei Mate 70 Confirmed to Launch in Q4 2024

Huawei Mate 70 Confirmed to Launch in Q4 2024

Huawei has finally put an end to months of rumors by officially announcing the launch of the Mate 70 series. We can expect these phones to hit store shelves sometime between October and December this year.

This confirmation comes straight from Huawei’s Consumer Business Chairman, Yu Chengdong. He also revealed a key detail: the Mate 70 series will be the first to come pre-loaded with the stable version of HarmonyOS NEXT, Huawei’s operating system.

Huawei unveiled its all-new HarmonyOS NEXT operating system at the HDC Developer Conference. This marks a significant shift, as HarmonyOS NEXT is completely independent of the Android system used in previous Huawei phones. This means devices running HarmonyOS NEXT cannot install or run Android apps.

The upcoming Mate 70 series will be the first to receive the stable version of HarmonyOS NEXT. Following its launch, Huawei is expected to make the new OS available on a wider range of devices. Beta testing for HarmonyOS has already kicked off, with the Mate 60 series and several other Huawei products included in the program.

There’s not much-confirmed news about the look and feel of the new Mate 70 series yet. However, leaks suggest the Pro model might keep the same triple front camera design as previous phones. It’s unclear if this design will be used on all Mate 70 models.

The Mate 60 Pro, for reference, has a front camera system with a 13MP ultrawide lens, a 3D sensor for depth perception, and extra sensors and lasers for secure face unlock. The Mate 70 Pro is likely to use this same set of front-facing tech.

Aside from the front camera design, leaks also shed light on the Mate 70 series’ potential camera upgrades. The new phones might use next-generation sensors from Omnivision to take even better pictures and videos. Additionally, the most powerful model in the lineup could boast a unique retractable lens, similar to the one seen on the Huawei Pura 70 Ultra.

Another mystery surrounds the processor powering the Mate 70 series. Rumors suggest a new Kirin chip, but specifics remain under wraps.

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