Govt Proposes New Drone Registration Policy

Govt Proposes New Drone Registration Policy

The Ministry of Aviation has finalized a new framework for registering drones and unmanned aircraft.

Titled ‘Civil Unmanned Aircraft Rules, 2024’, the draft regulations are slated for federal cabinet approval. They aim to govern drone usage nationwide, requiring all unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, to be registered with the federal government.

The rules classify UAVs into four categories based on their maximum take-off weight: category-I (up to 250 grams), category-II (250 grams to 10 kilograms), category-III (10 kg to 25 kg), and category-IV (25 kg to 100 kg).

According to the draft, operating categories II, III, and IV UAVs require logging into the CAA’s electronic system and submitting operational details.

Moreover, those flying drones falling under categories II, III, and IV will now require a “Remote Pilot Licence” from the CAA.

The rules prohibit flights into restricted airspace without written permission of the Director General (DG) or an authorized officer. Each UAV must be registered with the CAA, renewing registration every three years, and assigned a unique number consisting of English letters and numerals.

Importers and exporters of UAVs must register with the DG, with specific clearances required for category III and IV drones from the Ministry of Defence. Violations may incur fines up to Rs. 100,000, with daily penalties for continued non-compliance.

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