DRAP Bans Cough Syrups and Three Other Medicines

DRAP Bans Cough Syrups and Three Other Medicines

The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has taken action to prohibit the sale of specific batches of four medicines, including two cough syrups, due to health hazards.

This decision comes in response to findings from a drug testing laboratory report, which identified eight batches of two drugs and four batches of four additional drugs as substandard.

The affected medicines encompass a variety of treatments such as antibiotics, anti-allergic drops, injections, and medications for viral infections. Specifically, the substandard batches include:

  • Cough Syrups: Tussin DM Suspension and one batch of Arp Powder
  • Other Medicines: Metrovan Syrup, Ann-vil Injection, and seven batches of Torax and Zond Syrup

DRAP’s investigation revealed that Torax and Zond Syrup contained ethylene glycol levels exceeding safe limits, presenting significant health risks.

Following initial sample submissions by the Punjab Drug Control Directorate, DRAP issued a recall alert for these hazardous drugs. To safeguard public health, DRAP has implemented an immediate ban on the sale of the affected batches.

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