Balochistan Announces Massive Increase in Salaries

Balochistan Announces Massive Increase in Salaries

On Friday, the Balochistan government revealed its budget for the fiscal year 2024-25, amounting to Rs 955 billion.

Provincial Finance Minister Mir Shoaib Nosherwani presented the budget, which includes a proposed salary increase for government employees.

The development budget under the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) is set at Rs 321 billion. The budget outlines a 25 percent salary hike for employees from grade 1 to 16, and a 22 percent increase for those from grade 17 to 22.

Furthermore, a 15 percent rise in pensions for retired employees is proposed.

The major allocations in the budget are:

  • Rs 138 billion for General Public Service
  • Rs 93.12 billion for law and order
  • Rs 79.36 billion for economic affairs
  • Rs 49.92 billion for housing and commencement facilities
  • Rs 57 billion for health
  • Rs 6 billion for culture and religious affairs
  • Rs 126.26 billion for education
  • Rs 13.35 billion for social security
  • Rs 13 billion for pensions
  • Rs 219 billion for development

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