Analyzing Ahmed Shehzad’s Critique of Babar Azam: A Review

Analyzing Ahmed Shehzad’s Critique of Babar Azam: A Review

In recent discussions surrounding Pakistan cricket, Ahmed Shehzad has been vocal about his comparison with Babar Azam. When comparing T20 international stats of both Ahmed and Babar, one questions the necessity of this analysis.

Babar averages 40.7 with a strike rate of 129.46 while Ahmed holds an average of 25.8 at a strike rate of 114.74. With Babar far ahead of Ahmed, he turns the argument, particularly in the context of their performances in ICC T20 World Cup events.

Shehzad’s claims revolve around two central points: his own performances in T20 World Cups and the quality of opposition Babar has scored runs against. In that case, it was imperative to do a closer examination of the statistics where both World T20 events and the quality of opposition are assessed.

The data reveals a stark contrast that significantly undermines Shehzad’s assertions. This piece delves into the data to provide a clear, objective comparison between the two players.

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Ahmed Shehzad vs. Babar Azam: T20 World Cup Performances

The attached data highlights the performances of both players against top-tier cricketing nations in the T20 World Cups. Ahmed Shehzad has played six matches, scoring 87 runs at an average of 14.5 and a strike rate of 91.58%. In stark contrast, Babar Azam, over eight matches, has accumulated 220 runs at an average of 31.43 and a strike rate of 113.99%.

The figures are revealing:

1. Consistency and Performance: Babar’s average is more than double that of Shehzad, indicating a significantly higher level of consistency.

2. Match Impact: Babar’s innings include crucial performances such as his 68* against India and 53 against New Zealand, which are significant contributions in high-pressure matches. Shehzad, on the other hand, has struggled to make a notable impact, with his highest score being 30 (32) against New Zealand. Important to note that those 30(32) came at a losing cause when Pakistan required 180 to chase.

A Clear Verdict

Ahmed Shehzad’s claims do not hold up under statistical scrutiny. Babar Azam not only outperforms Shehzad in terms of averages and strike rates but also demonstrates superior consistency and impact against top-tier teams. The narrative that Babar’s runs are inflated by performances against weaker teams does not have much merit.

However, the debate surrounding Babar’s strike rates not being high enough in comparison with top players has much more weight.

About the Author: Maaez Veqar – Ex cricketer in Karachi (Represented PIA in grade 2), MBA graduate from Carnegie Mellon University and now a corporate strategy professional

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