800 Kg of Dead Chicken Meat Caught Before Entering Markets

800 Kg of Dead Chicken Meat Caught Before Entering Markets

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) conducted a major crackdown on food safety violations on Lahore Jaranwala Road, seizing a vehicle loaded with 800 kilograms of dead chickens. The operation, which took place late on Monday night, resulted in the arrest of three suspects and the filing of criminal charges against them.

According to the PFA spokesperson, the authority had received a tip-off about a suspicious vehicle transporting potentially hazardous poultry. Acting on this information, a team of PFA officials set up a checkpoint on Lahore Jaranwala Road. At approximately 11 PM, they intercepted the vehicle in question.

Upon inspection, the officials discovered that the vehicle was filled with dead chickens. Initial investigations revealed that these chickens were intended to be supplied to various food points and markets across the city.

Recognizing the severe health risks posed by the distribution of dead poultry, the PFA officials immediately took steps to neutralize the threat. The 800 kilograms of dead chickens were confiscated and, following strict protocol, were destroyed on the spot under the supervision of senior officers.

“The chickens were found in an extremely deteriorated state, unfit for human consumption. Allowing these to enter the food supply chain would have posed a serious health hazard,” said a senior PFA official present at the scene.

The three individuals arrested during the operation have been identified as key players in a larger network involved in the illegal distribution of dead poultry. They have been taken into custody, and a formal case has been registered against them under relevant sections of the food safety and public health laws.

“We are determined to trace the entire supply chain and hold all those involved accountable. This operation is a clear message to all that compromising on food safety will not be tolerated,” stated the PFA Director General.

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