Sinf e Aahan Episode 6 Story Review – Thoroughly Entertaining

Sinf e Aahan Episode 6 Story Review – Thoroughly Entertaining

Ohkay so, this was yet another very entertaining & heart-warming episode of Sinf e Aahan. The girls have finally arrived at the PMA & the way the dynamic of every family was shown was not only interesting but realistic to watch. Sinf e Aahan happens to be a drama that beautifully covers the dreams girls along with their families have. The credit for the success of this drama definitely goes to the makers who decided to bring something so different to the table & special credit to Umera Ahmed for writing the entire plot as well as the characters so beautifully.

Arrival At The PMA

I will have to say that my favorite daughter-father duo is definitely Pariwesh & Jamal. The lengths Jamal literally goes to ensure his daughter feels safe & stays focused on her dream is heart-warming & endearing. This is a man who has gone against all odds to support his daughter, to keep the passion of chasing her dreams alive. This is exactly why the moment he saw how tensed Pariwesh was when she saw Sardar & his son in the PMA, he decided to do something about it too. The fact that none of it was in his control, yet he wanted to try at least goes to show the kind of father he is. Everything that unraveled after that was simply amazing. The way the officers at the PMA decided to put Sardar in a place of power & position was a masterstroke. They knew exactly the kind of mentality they were dealing with, therefore instead of threatening him, they decided to make him in charge of Jamal & his family’s well-being. Sardar obviously knew he couldn’t do anything because it was a request of the PMA & also because his son is going to be there too. This entire scenario was nothing short of a genius & thoroughly enjoyable to watch. The hug at the end actually left me teary-eyed.

So, Maj. Osama has finally arrived & alongside his family, settling in Kakul too. I really wish the mood of Osama’s wife wasn’t so somber because that entire sequence was reminiscent of Neeli Zinda Hai with Sonia Mishal moving into the new house & being a mother of a daughter as well who actually fell the moment she stepped inside the new house *spooky*. She obviously couldn’t have been chirpy or happy because all of this was new for her but there was also no need to downplay it to this extent. Maj. Osama has been assigned to train the female cadets & the kind of briefing he got from the officer suggested that things are not going to be easy for the girls & that the PMA has something very different in store for them.

The initial impression the girls got from the PMA was very welcoming & homely but little do they know what the actual plan of action is going to be. It was really nice to see all the girls meeting each other & introducing their families too. They all didn’t know who was going to make it, that is why they were pleasantly surprised when they spotted their friends. Shaista & Mahjabeen’s family interaction was really nice. I loved the way Mahjabeen’s father showed his concern by trying to bribe the officer. As much as it was wrong on an ethical & moral level, it simply showed that as a rich businessman, he didn’t know any better & this was the only way he could think of, in order to ensure his daughter’s safety. One thing was sure that every parent knew it was going to be difficult for their daughters that is why they all were extremely concerned.

Arzoo was forced to think about everything that Noraiz has been saying to her. I so wanted her to give him a piece of her mind before switching the phone off but the Arzoo that I know definitely needs this time off – these 6 months to herself to actually figure out about this relationship. The thoughts have started running through her mind & she is being forced to think about how manipulative & dishonest Noriaz has been to her. I really want to see the difference Arzoo will feel & the kind of confidence she will develop to put an end to this miserable excuse of a relationship she is involved in with Noriaz. Nathmy Parrera has also arrived at the PMA for her training. She knows Urdu & is keen to find her father’s friend too. The things that were running through her mind as she entered the vicinity were depicted nicely. It goes to show that this is not just training for her but coming to Pakistan actually holds a very special place in her heart. She has been affiliated with Pakistan since she was a child & she also knows what this would’ve meant to her father if he was alive. The little conversation she had with an officer at the PMA showed that it may be easy for her to find her father’s friend, which is another interesting situation to look forward to.

Thoroughly Enjoyable

This episode of Sinf e Aahan was thoroughly enjoyable. The story has been making very interesting progress with each passing episode & because there are so many characters, every change of scene makes it quite engaging to watch. The direction, writing & overall execution of Sinf e Aahan is top-notch, this is why it has easily become a fan-favorite in no time. All the girls & every single member of the supporting cast have performed brilliantly. The addition of Shehryar Munawwar is really nice. I wish the next time I see Sonia Mishal’s character in Sinf e Aahan, she is out of her Neeli Zinda Hai trance. Yumna Zaidi & Dananeer continue to impress with their brilliant performances. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Sinf e Aahan.

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