Shehnai Episode 15 Story Review – Meerab Got A Reality Check

Shehnai Episode 15 Story Review – Meerab Got A Reality Check

Ohkay so, this episode of Shehnai once again highlighted the importance of family. It showed that despite the differences when the time comes, everyone sticks together & is reminded of how precious these relationships are. In both the families of Bakht & Meerab, everyone was trying their best to find the solution to the problems they were faced with & in the meantime, they also held Meerab accountable for the mistakes he committed. However, I liked the fact that Meerab was also left alone to figure things out because this was his journey to take & he had to have a clear mind before understanding what he wanted to do with his life.

Meerab Got Dumped

I must say Samreen actually fulfilled the promise she made. She did not even waste a moment before exiting Meerab’s life for good. She told the exact same thing to Beena & when she got what she wanted, she just walked out of Meerab’s life. She was definitely twisted & had her own reasons but right now, Meerab should be thanking his luck that he dodged a bullet & did not end up with someone who was not at all compatible with him.

Absar was once again not coping well with whatever was happening & the truths that were surfacing. This time around he was more concerned about Bakht because he felt she must be heartbroken too. I really appreciate how they have shown such real & genuine emotions of all these characters, the positive ones & even the not-so-positive characters as well.

Bakht was yet again heartbroken but was putting up a brave facade trying to come to terms with the fact that Meerab had called this wedding off. Meerab realized everyone including Bakht was right about Samreen all along but more than that, he was feeling upset because he had loved Samreen with all his heart. Meerab saw a lot of niceness in Samreen but she failed to reciprocate it. I liked how Meerab’s sister Beena did not shame him, instead, she also realized that Meerab was upset but then she tried to show him the right way & tried her best to guide him by saying that he could make amends & rectify the situation but Meerab was definitely not thinking about that.

In this whole situation, Qifayat & Maliha thought they’d finally get what they want but once again, they were served with reality checks that they stood absolutely no chance. Although I never condone the way Azhar misbehaves with Maliha this time around it was funny how he told her that she should bid the idea of leaving this house goodbye because he was never going to allow it, nor in her life & neither after her death too. That was funny & what’s funnier was how scared Maliha was as if she knew that this is exactly what Azhar meant. The writer deserves full credit for keeping the humor as well as all the characters & their emotions so real that you connect with them, despite the fact that the situations they are faced with are not so commonly heard of.

Such Amazing Characters

This episode was really nice & emotional. I have grown fond of all the characters. Even the supporting characters such as Munni, Saiqa, Saima & even Rafay are so nice that I enjoy watching their scenes. Now that Samreen is out of the picture, it will be interesting to see how Meerab will develop feelings for Bakht, that should happen organically & without anyone’s pressure because that would actually mean a lot to Bakht. It seems Hunain is going to come back, that will definitely spice things up & will be interesting to see. Let’s see what happens next. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Shehnai.

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