Sar-e-Rah Episode 3 Story Review – Breaking Stereotypes

Sar-e-Rah Episode 3 Story Review – Breaking Stereotypes

Sar-e-Rah continues to offer a variety of stories with the kind of execution which we rarely get to watch on the small screen. All the stories so far have revolved around female protagonists with the males in their lives playing an important role in some way or the other. It started with Rania finding the courage to take a step that was not welcomed by many and since then we have watched two more empowering stories. Tonight’s episode was yet again refreshing mainly because of the male lead Shozib.

While I thoroughly enjoyed watching this episode as well, some of the dialogues and scenarios in this episode, just like the previous one, were not too logical or convincing. The first episode was penned down faultlessly but the next two have not been equally well-written. However, this episode was just as meaningful and entertaining as the previous two. Through this latest installment, the writer showed different sides of social media. This was a relevant topic covered interestingly. Although social media stars are quickly getting the same kind of attention that many of mainstream celebrities get, we do not get to see such characters being part of new stories. With the exception of a few dramas such as Hum Tum, most of the time we get to see only the negative side of these social media stars.

Breaking Stereotypes

I must say that the beginning of this episode was a lot like the previous one. The new protagonists were just as trusting of their taxi driver as the previous one. This introduction and sudden warming up did not work for me this time around as well but by the time this episode ended, there were so many positive aspects of the story which made up for this flawed scene. If Rameen’s (Saboor Aly) video had already gone viral and she was a rising social media star with millions of followers, why was she surprised that Rania recognized her? The whole viral video issue was also confusing because Rameen mentioned multiple times that the video was already available online. This particular aspect of the story was important but it lacked clarity.

This episode definitely did not have the best opening scene but later on, the story moved forward with the same flow which is turning out to be one of the best aspects of this drama. The writer quickly shifted his focus to Rameen’s story which was initially somewhat predictable – the video going viral and the aftermath. However, the real surprise was Shozib (Mirza Zain Baig) and his open-mindedness. It is always great watching a male lead such as him in dramas. He was introduced as a loving, caring, and open-minded individual, and right till the end he retained these qualities.

Sar-e-Rah Episode 3 Story Review - Breaking Stereotypes

Rameen was shown as a young social media star who was not in this field for money or even fame but it was something she enjoyed doing. There was a great deal of focus on Rameen’s creative side instead of showing her as an attention-seeker. Through this character, the writer showed a different side of such social media stars. All of them are not attention-seekers, there are some such as Rameen as well who have a creative side, and showcasing it on social media gets them the public approval they want. At the same time, the writer also highlighted the monetary aspect of the work. This was such a good way of showing that being a social media influencer was also a way of earning money for many but it isn’t something that is readily acceptable by the older generation. Rameen did not cross any boundaries even when she was presented with some lucrative deals by the best people in the business.

Apart from Rameen’s side of the story, Shozib’s role throughout was the main attraction. It was truly refreshing watching a ‘secure’ man standing by his lady unconditionally. Rameen and Shozib’s relationship dynamics were the perfect example of a healthy relationship. Mirza Zain Baig and Saboor Aly played their parts really well.

Final Remarks

Overall, most of the aspects covered in this episode aptly highlighted the kind of pressure girls in particular face when they decide to take up a profession that is looked down upon. That is how Rania’s story started as well. Even though Rameen was extremely conscious of the kind of content she posted on social media, it was not accepted by people around her. Apart from that, the writer also managed to do justice to the trend of ‘going viral’ by showing how it brings with it opportunities. Yet again, the one thing that stood out and made this episode truly refreshing was the way Shozib and both the mothers stood by Rameen. Even though at times the emotional element of Sar-e-Rah is difficult to ‘explain’, it never fails to be heartwarming and uplifting. Saba Qamar has given this character her best and sometimes her performance saves the day, especially in circumstances that are difficult to relate to. I do find myself questioning some of the scenes in each episode but in the end the kind of impact these stories have on me wins!

Sar-e-Rah continues to be positive, uplifting, and inspirational. Rania’s character continues to be delightful. Although she is struggling herself, she spreads positivity effortlessly. The visual appeal of this drama cannot be overlooked. Each element of cinematography from camera placement to lighting makes every scene a treat to watch. Also, the fact that each episode has a new story that is wrapped up in a few minutes makes it interesting to watch even when these stories are rather simple. Muneeb Butt’s character definitely piqued my curiosity; I am more interested than ever to watch his story unfold on-screen. Hareem Farooq will be the only character left after this one so I am wondering if the next 2 episodes will cover Rania’s track.

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