Nadia Khan Discloses Her Morning Show Salary

Nadia Khan recently made an appearance on Nadir Ali’s show where she discussed her professional experience. She also discussed the popularity of her morning show. According to Nadia Khan, there was a demand for a morning show back then, and people flocked to it. She also disclosed her pay.

When asked about her pay, Nadia Khan revealed that she had started out on a meagre salary: “When I was teaching, my salary was 2000 Dirhams and I was a drama teacher. When I started the morning show, I used to get a monthly salary in the morning show; my salary was one lac Pakistani rupees (in 2003), which was a lower amount in accordance with my job. Then, I used to get 3 lacs in 2005 because I quoted them a 3 times larger amount and She claimed that the channel would not let her go and that this continued with the new station, where she received payments in astronomical amounts. The video where Nadia Khan discussed her pay is available at this link.