Iqra Aziz Got Criticism. On Her Anniversary Video With Yasir Hussain

The beginning of Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain’s romance occurred at an award ceremony where they both first met. They quickly grew close and fell in love. Yasir broke down in front of the world on live cameras and proposed to her during the Lux Style Awards, which is still quite renowned. Soon after, they were united in marriage in front of just their closest friends and family members in a small ceremony. They are now still going strong and the proud parents of Kabir Hussain, a handsome newborn boy.

After three years of marriage, Iqra and Yasir decided to make a video to wish her husband a happy anniversary while they were away on vacation. Iqra tweeted the amusing video of the two cuddling up together along with a wish for her spouse.

Here is the video of Iqra and Yasir:

The public, however, was not amused by the public exhibition of affection, and the video garnered a great deal of criticism. The following is what the web had to say: