An uncomplicated man Shiva finds himself in a vortex of desperate and miserable life after an act of mindless violence by the demonic village Thakur. Shiva avenges his father and sister’s murder by killing Thakur and his men and soon after, prodded by his saviour and partner-in-crime Sukhlaal, joins the gang of a deranged dacoit Raja Rangoli. Since Shiva and Sukhlaal had also killed cops while escaping, the local police led by SP Suraj Pratap and Inspector Jamaal, initiate an investigation on Shiva…

There Shiva is not happy joining Raja for his whimsical and absurd ways. Fortunately he meets Daya Baba, a wise man of the gang who becomes his advisor and guru. Shiva turns out to be a quick learner and proves his worth to the gang. Yet despite his contribution, Raja continues to insult and abuse Shiva. Eventually, during a raid at a rich trader’s house, when Raja attempts to rape the trader's daughter, Shiva revolts and leaves with Sukhlaal and Ganga to form his own gang. This is the turning point in Shiva’s life and the beginning of a journey of his becoming the most feared outlaw of Bundelkhand. As Shiva’s might and reputation grows, many powerful people reach out to him seeking his favour. And amongst them is a wily politician Jagat Prabhu.

Jagat Prabhu is looking for Shiva’s support for a win in the forthcoming election. Shiva obliges by perpetrating terror and murdering the Election Presiding Officer to get him elected. Jagat Prabhu’s win initiates Shiva into the corridors of political power… The murder of Election Presiding Officer does not go well with the upper echelons of administration who appoint a young and dynamic DSP Ranbir Singh on the job of getting Shiva. Ranbir is an honest and daring officer but reckless in his approach. In his enthusiasm he puts Shiva’s mother In jail who unfortunately dies in custody. An inconsolable Shiva, abducts the DSP and decapitates him in retaliation. This turns out to be an unwise act. Panicking, Jagat Prabhu reaches out to assuage Shiva, but Shiva chooses to humiliate him. He strips him in front of all and sends him back. It is yet another mindless act which ultimately leads to Shiva’s downfall

Shiva’s story finally turns out to be a clash of aspirations. It is a tale signifying the futility of violence as a means of dominance and power. Almost as quickly the newly appointed SP Ajay Sinha takes the charge, he ruthlessly moves against Shiva and his men. The irony of Shiva’s story is, even the mighty SP would have failed to get him and dismantle his empire, had he not been betrayed by a man he so deeply trusted.