Babloo Bachelor

Babloo Bachelor is a story based in UP, where a well to do family had always dreamt of their son's wedding with great pomp and show. Babloo (Sharman Joshi) met few girls for his wedding but didn't get the right one.Then he met Pooja Chopra who was already engaged, and not a virgin. After listening to this, he rejects the proposal. Later in one wedding he got to meet Tejasri Pradhan, with whom he falls in love and the both agree to marriage. But the twist comes when on the wedding day Tejasri runs away leaving a letter for him, in which she says she has moved to Mumbai to persue her career of being an actress. In search of his love, Babloo travels to Mumbai where he bumps into Pooja Chopra. Babloo, explains to Pooja the situation, and the latter decided on helping him find Tejasri. Will Pooja and Babloo find Tejasri? Will Babloo and Tejasri get married are some of the questions that form the rest of the film.