Naeem Bukhari to Make PTV Country’s Best Channel Without Any Salary

Newly-appointed Pakistan Television (PTV) chairman, Naeem Bukhari, has announced that he will not draw any salary or perks during his term as the chairman.

Bukhari made these remarks while speaking to reporters outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The PTV chairman categorically stated that he will not charge a single penny in terms of salary, benefits, or entertainment during his three years on the post.

“I have even asked my driver to buy 500 coffee sachets and place them in my office,” Bukhari added.


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He also told reporters that he will not charge anything for the news show he intends to host on PTV.

About Ertugrul

To a question about his policy towards Turkish entertainment content such as Ertugrul, Naeem Bukhari said he will not discontinue the series but will encourage producers to create original content inspired by the sub-continent history.

Our own history is filled with thrilling stories, and we can create even better story-lines if we try.

Bukhari maintained that Ertugrul might bring advertisement revenue to PTV, but its credit goes to Turkey.

Airtime for Opposition

When asked about his strategy towards giving airtime to the opposition, Bukhari quoted a Supreme Court ruling that the state television is the propaganda tool for the state. He said and PTV will mostly focus on highlighting the government’s achievements.


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Past PTV chairpersons faced resistance from the workers and complained about a lack of cooperation from the union. When asked how he would tackle the situation, Naeem Bukhari said:

Unlike other chairmen, I haven’t come to draw exuberant salaries and perks from PTV. I have joined to improve the national television’s screen, to solve its problems as well as its workers’ issues. I’m sure people will help me with my work.

Bukhari said that his only discord with former chairpersons was that they did not correctly project the government’s achievements and development work despite drawing huge salaries.

The new chairman vowed to revive PTV’s lost esteem and make it one of the best TV channels in the country.