Girls College in Faisalabad Bars Students From Using Punjabi Language

A girls’ college in Faisalabad has reportedly barred students from speaking the Punjabi language within the college premises.

According to media reports, the Government College for Women, Gulistan Colony, has issued a notice, barring its students from speaking Punjabi during college hours, urging them to maintain discipline.


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The notification has gone viral on social media attracting criticism from the netizens.

However, the college principal, Anwar Begum, said that there was a printing error regarding the ban on the Punjabi language on the notice.

“I am myself a Punjabi and have only stopped female students from using vulgar Punjabi words,” she explained and added that no fine has been imposed on students in this regard.


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According to the principal, she aimed to prevent girls from using abusive Punjabi words. She maintained that the rest of the institutions use the national language for communication, so should these girls.

“There is also a typographical error in it. They did not write what I asked them to write,” the principal added.