Gaming Tech Can Help Improve Self Driving Cars: Volvo

Self-driving cars are the next step in the evolution of the automobile industry. While they are indeed quite convenient and cost-effective over the long run, their safety has always been a cause for concern.

This is why companies including Tesla, Waymo, and Nuro are testing different ways to train their AI to prepare them for different scenarios for further improvement. The theory goes that the more scenarios an AI faces, the more prepared it will be to respond to real-life situations.

Engineers at Volvo have developed a new driving simulator to improve self-driving cars and it is using the latest gaming tech to bring this simulator to life. The simulator is complete with a moving driving seat, a steering wheel with haptic feedback, and a VR headset, making it hard to tell apart from reality.

It is also using the Unity engine that is used to design games. This software lets the engineers simulate traffic scenarios using a real car and a real track without putting anyone in danger.

Check out the video down below for more details. It shows different Volvo engineers talk about how the technology works.