Facebook’s New Feature Helps You Donate Food And Clothes To The Needy

Facebook is launching a convenient new feature called “Drives” that will help people collect clothes and food from each other in emergency situations. The feature will build on the social network’s fundraising and community causes, though this time it will be less about raising money and more about donating goods.

As always, Facebook Drives will launch in the US first and will be a part of the website’s Community Help hub. This can be accessed by typing “Community Help” in the search bar and selecting “Request or Offer Help” followed by “Create Drive”.

You will then be asked to fill a form with information including the type and number of items you’re looking for. Once that’s done, it will show you a tracker with the number of items left to collect.

As mentioned before, Facebook Drives is built on the social network’s fundraising tools that were released over the years including Emergency Relief, Charities, Non-Profits, and Personal Causes.

The feature will roll out to users in the US over the next few days and will hopefully become available to other regions in the future as well. Just like the US, it should be a highly welcome feature in Pakistan too.