Directorate of Government Colleges Sindh Accused of Embezzlement

The Directorate of College Education has handed over the budget utilization and the powers of the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) of more than 450 government colleges across the Sindh, including Karachi, to the concerned principals.

The decision was made after evidence of embezzlement in the government colleges’ budget came to light. A notification in this regard was issued on Tuesday.

The notification said that only the principals holding the additional charge of another college would retain the DDO powers of that college.


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Meanwhile, no action has been taken against the DDOs who are responsible for the irregularities in the public colleges’ budget or against the directors of the colleges who gave them the authority to use the budget.

Until the filing of this report, no action had been taken against the Director of Colleges, Hafiz Abdul Bari Andar, who illegally endowed unrelated people with the powers of DDOs, and no inquiry into the matter had been made.


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A college professor has revealed (on the condition of anonymity) that there has been no probe into how and where the budget of the concerned colleges has been spent, which gives the general impression to the college principals and teachers that the Secretary Colleges, Baqir Abbas Naqvi, is probably trying to suppress the issue by taking partial action and covering up the process of the Director of Colleges.

He added that there is a general perception among the teachers and principals of the government colleges that the Director of Colleges, Karachi is the closest officer to the Secretary of Colleges, and that all the previous DDO-related decisions were taken with his consent.