Demand for Pakistan’s Textile Reaches All-Time High

The demand for Pakistan’s textile products has reached an all-time high, which has caused a demand-supply gap of approximately 700 million meters of cloth.

The Faisalabad textile industry is facing the highest supply shortage in its history. The normal production capacity for the textile sector is 90 crore meters. However, despite the mills being operational around the clock, currently, there is a shortage to meet demand.

The Prime Minister took notice of this and issued orders for the resolution of any supply chain problems. He also took to Twitter and said,

As the Faisalabad textile industry sees a massive rise in demand and export orders, I have instructed the Commerce and Industries Ministries to ensure all necessary support to the textile sector to enable them to meet their growing demands.

The surge in demand is not only coming from the export destinations, as the local demand for textile products is also reported to have significantly increased.