These 8 Pakistani Beauty Creams Have Cancer-Causing Chemicals: BSTI

Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) has found excessive mercury and hydroquinone in 8 beauty creams made in Pakistan.

BSTI had collected a total of 13 fairness creams imported from Pakistan to assess their composition at its laboratory.

The test results at BSTI revealed that 8 of the products contain harmful chemicals 200 times higher than the acceptable limit.


UK Fines Pakistani Beauty Products for Using Cancerous Chemicals

According to BSTI standards, skincare products are allowed to have 1 ppm mercury and 5 ppm hydroquinone. The acceptable amount of mercury lightens a dark skin tone while hydroquinone removes dark patches from skin.

However, Pakistani skincare creams contain mercury in the range of 193 ppm to 948 ppm and hydroquinone in the range of 434 ppm to 1980 ppm.

The 8 fairness products proven harmful for use are:

  • Goree Whitening Cream
  • Chandni Whitening Cream
  • New Face Whitening Cream
  • Due Cream
  • Golden Pearl Cream
  • Faiza Cream
  • Noor Cream
  • White Pearl Plus Whitening Cream

BSTI has urged Bangladeshi consumers to abandon harmful Pakistani products and requested the Pakistani government to look into the matter regarding public health.