Jennifer Winget on celebrating her birthday, says, uncertainty is the only thing we’re certain of, urges fans to donate

Jennifer Winget is one of the few actresses who has made sure to do her bit every now and then. Keeping it super simple this year on her birthday, Jennifer Winget has a little something to say as she turns a year older tomorrow. The actress has made a fair point of asking her fans to make a tiny donation to the causes during these trying times instead of sending gifts across to her. She urged her fans to do so two years ago and they have been generously doing so.

Jennifer Winget on celebrating her birthday, says uncertainty is the only thing we’re certain of, urges fans to donate

Speaking of her celebratory plans this year, she says, “In light of what’s happening in our world at the moment, celebrating a birthday seems so trivial, small and unimportant. And I don’t see how that makes me a pessimist. This lockdown has brought in nothing I can call the usual…it is a new normal across after all… so I will say there have been better days, and days that are sort of low on energy and flat. The flatter days have taught me to be more kind to myself and the better ones have really allowed me to indulge. But trust me, It’s equalized everyone to one level and I am hanging in there just like everyone else!”

“On another note, while the world may seem like it’s crumbling down slowly but surely; and uncertainty is the only thing we’re most certain about, I have been blessed even in these unprecedented times to have had the consistent outpour of love from my fans, family and friends. Nothing has changed for me there and I’m grateful for it to have been constant for close to a decade now! Every year, as my birthday nears, the air gets a little extra special almost like I begin to feel my friends and fans move to make it memorable for me. That feeling in itself is truly humbling humbles and overwhelms me to quite an extent.”

She further continues, “There was a plea I made 2 years ago on my birthday to my fans that instead of sending me gifts I would much rather prefer them doing something for someone more in need; someone who would truly deserves it more than me. If a tiny donation, the simplest kind gesture could end up being the blessing they were waiting on, why not? And it moves me to see my fans remember and respect this request I had made, every year. Please know that, to me there is no bigger gift than this! To receive thank you letters from animal shelters like AMTM, PFA and even the Amphan relief fund acknowledging generous donations from fans has made my heart so full. It makes me value where I am even more and blessed me by it. I would take getting older any day, if I have used my position of influence wisely. And I am content spending my birthday alone, knowing that its being celebrated across like this.

Today, when you look around, kindness and compassion is the need of the hour. So this birthday too, I wish for this movement of sorts to only amplify itself further. I am taking this opportunity to urge you once again, to show kindness and help to anyone who needs it around you. They may be in your own family, with your friends, voiceless animals in need, children, nature or even people working for you. God knows we all deserve it and will be so much better for it. So yeah, help, be kind in whatever little way you can and make this birthday, once again, the most cherished and happiest one for me! Thank you.”

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