BTS’ Suga releases Jungkook’s guide version of ‘Dear My Friend’ from his mixtape AGUST D-2

BTS rapper-songwriter-producer Suga left the fans surprised when he dropped his second mixtape 'D-2' under his pseudonym AGUST D after his 2016's mixtape. The 10 track mixtape released one week ago and has received a tremendous amount of love from fans.

BTS' Suga releases Jungkook's guide version of 'Dear My Friend' from his mixtape AGUST D-2

On May 28, Suga did a livestream to talk about 'D-2' at length. During the conversation with the fans, he revealed that earlier guide version of his emotional track 'Dear My Friend' from the mixtape had his member Jungkook's vocals. The official version features NELL's Kim Jong Wan singing in Korean. But, the earlier demo version was in English with Jungkook's breathtaking vocals. The lyrics go, "I'm in love, love to me / We got to love it, with you, with you / I'm in love, love to me / We got to love it, with you, with you / One living new sky that you beautiful / When I can fly gotta catch you to me / I'm in love, Love with me / We gotta love it, with you, with you / Love with you."

The original guide to 'Dear My Friend' was recorded by JK ????

— K-Charts & Translations⁷ (@charts_k) May 28, 2020

'D-2' features several collaborations including one with BTS leader RM on 'Strange' and American singer Max on 'Burn It'. In an interview released officially released on their Youtube channel, Suga spoke about how he chose to collab with multiple artists on the mixtape. "When I’m composing, when I’m writing the melody, I just know, ‘I want this artist, I want this artist with this style. If I can’t find someone then I just sing it myself," he said.

'D-2' has achieved several records in its first week included 62 No. 1’s on iTunes for its title track 'Daechwita'.

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