After sending migrant labourers home, Sonu Sood airlifts 177 women stuck in Kerala

Actor Sonu Sood's efforts of arranging buses for migrant labourers and sending them home are being hailed by people of all walks of life. Apart from making sure that the laburers' journey towards their home was safe, he also set up a toll-free number to provide any other form of assistance.

While he plans to continue to do his bit for the migrant labourers, Sonu recently also airlifted 177 women, stuck in Kerala's Ernakulam. The women were employed at a local factory and would do embroideries and stitching works. When the factory shut, they had nowhere to go. Upon learning about them, Sonu decided to act immediately.

As per reports, he got in touch with both Kochi airport, which is the nearest to Ernakulam and Bhubaneshwar (the women's hometown) airport to arrange the airlifting. An aircraft will be flying in from Bengaluru for the purpose. It will be a 2-hour journey from Ernakulam to Bhubaneshwar, post which the women will go to their respective homes.

We certainly need more of such gestures at such a difficult time!