Abhishek Banerjee, Pataal Lok’s serial killer, loves cooking for his wife during lockdown

Casting director, actor Abhishek Banerjee, currently basking in the success of the series Paatal Lok, likes nothing better than to cook for his wife Tina Noronha. “My wife loves the food I make. She gets upset when I don’t cook. I love cooking since my college days. I used to impress girls by making the best Maggie possible. All fried and non-healthy of course. Now I’ve graduated to biryani, Turkish roti and Afghani omelette. I’m handling 80 percent of the kitchen during this lockdown. Cooking while doing promotion interviews,” says Abhishek.

Abhishek Banerjee, Pataal Lok’s serial killer, loves cooking for his wife during lockdown

The current isolation is helping Banerjee deal with the sudden spurt of fame that Pataal Lok has brought him. “Lockdown is helping me introspect. There are so many calls, messages, interviews.”

He brought in his birthday on 5 May at home. “I spent my birthday in lockdown. I grew a year older and probably more mature. I’m trying to educate myself. I don't have the patience to read these days, so I’m watching documentaries. Learning about the great empires, how the society was formed and what lead all of us to the lockdown.” Abhishek hopes this this lockdown teaches us to respect nature. “So we don't take anything for granted. The sea, the mountains, the fresh air, fresh water, people, relationships….I hope post lockdown it will be a different world full of compassion.”

His advice to his fans? “Iska jawaab simple hai. Everyone is sailing on the same boat. When we are in the boat we can either jump out of it or wait for the shore. And right now the only thing which will keep us safe is patience. Just keep calm and please understand that everyone is suffering. This is the best time to learn something new or polish your skills or bond with your family. Just make good use of the time. And please try and help the needy there are so many who need our help we should do as much as one can do.”

Unlike the rest of the entertainment industry Abhishek isn’t working out at home. “Work out waghera kam hi hai. Usme zyada interest bhi nahi hai (not much work-out happening, not interested). Par kehte hai actor ki body humesha presentable honi chahiye, so maintaining that (but must have a presentable physique). Actually fitness is also important for acting. An actor’s physical health affects the breathing. I’m not enjoying sleeping as much. It gets boring after a point. Eating timings have changed. Whenever I’m up I eat my breakfast. It can be in the afternoon sometimes. Iss lockdown mein jahan pe neend khule savera wohi hai (in this lockdown whenever one is awake the morning starts).”

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