Zara And Sajal Are Giving Some Major Friendship Goals

Zara And Sajal Are Giving Some Major Friendship Goals

The most important relation after parents in friendship. When you are down, your friends are always there to back you up and make you feel happy. They know your deepest secrets even those which you can’t share with your parents.

Zara Noor Abbas and Sajal Ali are giving some major friendship goals. They have been together for a long time now. They may disagree on something, their opinions may differ from each other, but they never let anything come between their friendship. The bond has grown stronger and stronger.

Sajal Ali is getting married and the wedding functions have just begun. Zara, being her best friend, got a bit emotional and shared her feelings for Sajal on her official Instagram.

Zara and Sajal are friends for more than a decade. They were there for each other in thick and thin. Never gave up on their friendship. Zara expressed her inner feelings that she can’t believe that Sajal is going to start a new chapter of her life soon. She wished her all the best for the new and adventurous journey of life.

“Sajal you will always be mine first! ” Zara mentioned this statement in her post. Before she gets married, Zara and Sajal have to make some beautiful memories to cherish in the future.

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